25 june
posted : full : Ez.26 the fall of Mystery-Babylon

2. we saw no occult Ritual in the Miami Condo Tragedy ,
but didn’t buy the presented narrative of the probable cause ;
then came up a vid of a journalist [1] , asking if this collapse
was “related to the McAfee files” – which ofcourse was denied ;
the seat of McAfee Inc. is 11410 Sw 88 St Miami-Dade FL ,
while the poor guy himself “was suicided” the day before   —
he had dirt on high people and didn’t coöperate with 
Esau’s “web designing companies”,
promising data would be released if anything happened to him ;
while by “coincidence” the mayor was in DC a day before the collapse :
“I’ve spoken with , coincidentally, the mayor of Miami-Dade ,
was in my office yesterday – not about that , obviously – but I had
a long discussion with her today, Biden said”             (yahoo news)

yet we know what is THE crucial theme these days ,
and this puts a weird light upon the yesterday’s Spiderman Ritual 
almost as if … someone’s head was presented …

… what keeps bothering us is how Esau lures people into getting his Jab ;
we know he organized lotteries or promised ‘a hamburger when taking one’ ,
while now downhere “nightly jab-parties” are organized , complete with DJ ,
promoting the jabs especially to the youth (who respond en masse) ,
underlining “how they finally can have careless summer holidays”

but what is it with this luring ? and why we feel it has some “end date”,
after which his luring / deceiving will be over and he will use force …?
“let no one steal your crown”
– but we don’t know how to connect that , yet …


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