25 march
Esau’s barrage of occult Rituals against us

… a week ago we asked why the sphere got so Dark , right , and if that could be linked to Esau
getting furious and raging against us by ramping up his crimes through our poor SRA children  —
we missed his ‘news’ – and forgive us being a bit late with that – with his so-called “arrest for Putin”  ,
of which the main claim is the purported “unlawful deportation of children from Ukraine”   [1] :
          point is not that the Russian oligarchy is completely innocent but it is Esau’s damned Western
          paedophile adrenochrome-addicted elite that again screams to the public “look , overthere !” ,
          and this time with an even more nefarious goal :
          to Ritually connect SRA to his ongoing Mystery-Babylon Occult Ritual called ‘the war in Ukraine’ 
          because he decláred that ‘children’ are now linked to this ‘conflict’ — true ? 
… today , a year ago , Adam’s Vatican started “the immaculate heart of Mary” aka the “Fatima” Ritual
and because we know who  ‘the king of the North’ is we also know why  he started his concocted ‘war’ 
between ‘Russia’ and ‘Ukraine’ : and though this ‘war’ creates many useful aspects for him to push 
through his NWO which he still thinks to achieve ,
          the crucial spiritual  aspect is related to ‘the Fatima prophecies’ where “she” warned that Russia 
         will be crucial in the endtime considered this world” ; 
          you will remember we showed you how Russia plays ‘Tsiun’ (Eden) through the ‘Z’ on their vehicles
          attacking ‘Ukraine’ which represents ‘Mystery-Babylon’ because “she is sponsored by the Satanic West”
          — where ‘Russia’ keeps failing to defeat her ,  ofcourse
… thousands upon thousands of poor Russian boys have died by now in Esau’s created war , 
and oftentime (though that is bad enough !) we pleaded “please not those who belong to the 144 — to us” 
because of the vision of our Date many years ago which ended by ‘Russia’ (see page please)
… today , 
Adam’s Vatican will be pushing the anniversary of his created ‘Fatima’ Ukraine holocaust ,
so that – and this never ends – millions of deluded Jacob-souls will think to do good  by adjoining it      — 
yet see again [2] how very obvious it is that ‘our Lady’ is nothing else as the Whore ‘Mystery-Babylon’ ;
and please remember that on top of that  we are still in Esau’s “forty days of Lent” period
which he baptised as “un-doing our day of Acceptance” – our so important Date     
         your Majesty , our adorable Deity ,
         do have compassion upon us all your ones who have no power anymore
         waiting for you to act
(we usually first screen themes and channels like these – but the message is trustable)



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