25 may
fighting with the ‘jubile cycles’ and the great Jubilee year ,
but frankly to not have to wait for the latter another six months   —
some claim the ‘final week’ could start in the fall this or next year
but we have reasonable doubt about the current held opinion :
– Daniel 12 is not about ‘3,5 years into the tribulation’
  because that timeframe follows upon “the understanding” (!) ;
– following after 11 as a description of the past 2000 years ,
– making Daniel 9 about “the role of (the rebuilt-) Jerusalem 
  having brought forth the era of Christ 
  mentioning her forever demise (in 70 AD , by “the prince”)   —
the problem still is how the link tó the endtime is made ;
Texas Ritual :
in short : Esau likes to kill 2 birds with one stone — his Depp trial ,
mon(k)eypox and Ukraine weren’t enough to drown out the Nazi
quotes leaked from the WEF meeting so he set up a crossdressing
disturbed individual and enhanced the story from the original one  —
standing inside the class where earlier versions had him captured in 
the yard (likely that’s why the retracted AP article) described as “poor” 
yet having 4000+ $ rifles and a car – by flipping burgers at Wendy’s ;
well we’ve a bridge to sell ;
the second bird is ús ; just look at all the names : the saviour’s branch
shot his own shining praised ones (students=candidates=144)
of the other dimension — the water + side



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