25 november
two linked defensive moon Rituals
(some words we highlighted in bold) ;
… here , Esau’s personal [‘catholic’-] wh*re was brought in ;
the photos are too horrid to show – and massively filtered – so see [1] :
main is “the cherub on high” as ‘a deity‘ , while “the white bed” is its attribute ;
the woman makes ‘music’ (well, a kind of) so she represents “sound” ,
the a** is prominent because in slang or comedy often linked to “the moon
(and, knowing Esau, he must have linked that to “(key-) hole” as well  —
forgive us for mentioning it but we found that only if we tell it is disarmed) ; 
the ‘red‘ shoes is another aspect of the moon’s colour ,
where the text across the photos indeed tell this is another Ritual ; 
while the poet’s name ‘Oliver’ is “remaining + ancestor” ;

next ,
Mystery-Babylon’s represent the Vatican continues about Joseph (see other log)
first addressing “genealogy” [2] – since the moon regulates gestatation ; compare the ‘Oliver’; 
“Joseph lives his role without ever seeking to take over the scene […] , who goes unnoticed ,
of discreet and hidden presence […] , a support and a guide”
“Joseph appears as the guardian of Jesus and Mary (their cursive) , And for this reason ,
he is also “the Guardian of the Church“: but, if he was the guardian of Jesus and Mary ,
now that he is in heaven (sic!, hR) , and continues to be a guardian [..] for the Church” [2] 
(read : celestial guardian , through the Vatican) ;
“This aspect of Joseph’s guardianship is the great answer to the story of Genesis
(read: so that eden will never happen again !) ; 
then some absurd phrasings – though not for us       —
note please how ‘society’ means “companionship , companion” – by which he means ‘this moon’ :
…”a society such as ours , which has been defined as “liquid” , as it seems not to have consistency …
I will correct the philosopher [..] and say : more then liquid , a properly gaseous society . [and-] this
finds in the story of Joseph a very clear indication of the importance of human bonds.” 
you see what he did there ?
– you now can also understand what he meant with the closing utterance (‘prayer’)
[1] (playing a SUBSTITUTE moon)




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