25 october
… do subterranean (child-) sacrifices hold us back ?
allright ,
this will be a bit long one – but required ,
linking back to the theme in previous log ;
.. when we started our journey , mid 90’s ,
themes we met were “subterranean tunnels”
(see Phil Schneider) and “prisoners” which
were kept below the surface of the earth ,
but many of these themes were unverifiable
(and we went on to glyphs and prophets) ;
these days – so much time further –
the same themes seem to come back on us ,
in a rather .. unexpected manner


… before you think we are trolling you please remember what they did to our Originals
(though in the other reality) — who says that Esau cannot do similar below the surface
of this earth in THIS reality ..? 
– the point we want to make in this log , is that an occult Ritual like the ‘Rust’ one
is more than likely linked to , and empowered bý , numerous sacrificial Rituals in
regions below this earth’s surface — as a world we virtually are not told about
— please first watch the video

… though we cannot subscribe to the ‘shape-shifting phenomenon’ ofcourse ,
the core matter of her message is rather consistent with the experience of others ,
and is in itself already deeply worrying — and add to this the ‘(earth’s-) surface ideas”
which Esau now started to implement (and compare his movie ‘the Hunger Games’)
and you will agree that this subterranean theme is not so ridiculous , at all

we post this because we’re frantically searching for “whý we dont go” ,
if there is perhaps anything – for some Legal reason – hindering us to ,
if perhaps we have overlooked something which He wants us to see or declare :
… this 20th , the same entity (as the 6th october) was much stronger ,
constantly repeating in the breathe “I have (=am forced to) leave” ,
pulsating in the rhythm of the heart — like some bizarre jellyfish enclosing the soul
at every heartbeat : but as if linking to the root
(too long to explain – but as linking to the entity prophets call ‘Gaia’ , this earth)

 then you understand the connection we make  —
that the ‘Rust’ (type-) Ritual links to the many subterranean sacrifices (‘in Gaia’) 
in order to keep the 144 downhere : unless they declare the (possible-) problem ;
call us insane , whatever you want — but all prophets are about ‘declaring themes’
and it is not ruled out that this … earthly one can belong to that 

therefore , our Sir … – we realize that a soul can only experience her own suffering ,
but that next to her can be ones who suffer far more greatly or in different ways ;
if we are right in this matter promise you undo this subterranean theme ,
take care of all your imprisoned souls there who function like mere batteries
just like Jacob on the surface is planned by Esau to serve as merely batteries ,
get all of us 144 out Sir
we trust all your promises but each day it’s harder to cling on to them 

further reading (but discern rightly)
[1] (‘lost’ children  + children flown in from Mexico border “crisis”)
[2] (testimonies + tunnels , etc)
[3] (intervieuw , see vid in top)
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