25 september (-afternoon)
… we found the eden-star (‘of speech’) in the spells ,     
it is in Damascus , ‘the cornerstone’ – where Adam is ,
but the star’s speech became .. mutilated because he is
(was) imprisoned “by the four crocodiles” : 
the very same theme as ‘the four horses’ in Revelation ;
… the imprisoned star is also called ‘house of the Mace’
(see glyph to right) and compare Jer. 51 : “you are My battle-axe ,
and with you I will smash armies [-of spirits] and horsemen and chariots” ! ;
we knew the theme there was ‘the stone’ – to which the star belongs –
but if we ever revieuw Jer. 51 again then the star must be included ;
secondly ,
the star belongs to the Ark of the Covenant , and we wonder what is the
reason that the thunders and lightnings from it are described at the moment
when the 144,000 are collected – see page ;

– ten days to go still … three years ago we started this site , almost to date … 
but these will be the longest ten days of our lives … – it’s not that we do not
want to believe , but just haven’t courage to look – like with penalties at football



25 september
supportive ritual
… still the same theme of ; having no breath’,
and where in the Russia ritual was ‘inspector’
here we have ‘officer’ , combined with a title
as “the officer as the anointed one (Christ)” ,
but here ofcourse referring to Adam ,
while the ‘Superman’ denotes his position ;
.. colour here probably is ‘to invoke pity’



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