26 april    [-important]
(please read till the end)
posted CT 257 : Adam speaks ; CT 195 : the New Moon and 7 Torches ,
CT 373 : the Revelation woman and her copy the lion goddess SEKHMET ;
they’re going extremely well since the proper key is the Gate ; 
… but
the 4th day now and they get only more empty , it’s beyond belief ,
and after wanting to complain this morning (sorry Sir..) I remembered the dream
about “the dear youth wanting to go out late at night still , where I asked her
why because it will soon be morning” – she represents the new ones of the 144 ;
and a dream “wanting to buy a parts forming a (baby-) cradle but the seller didn’t 
cooperate and I put down the phone” – apparently ‘birth’ related ; 
… though 
in Legal aspect we’re going extremely well
the huge silence and pressure must be because Esau (and his realm, see last week)
must be stalling and distracting the young ones agáin ; compare what Anna wrote ,
“… I just remembered what I saw on just waking … it was about the rapture …
something unusual and unexpected I read in the line but it made sense … I think …
the words were in the same colour you use , the blueish … the first 2,3 lines were
very pretty … but there was an unexpected turn and a bomb exploded with the
flames shooting up … it felt personal to me… and seriously negative”
the progress is clear
but ‘a bomb’ ofcourse can be anything – though we know that Esau is orchestrating
right now the coming Famine (or, at least, grave shortages to push his ID through)
and it may be he wants to use the literal option but it could be – again ? – 
an unexpected wandering-astray of the young ones … no ?
… or Maria’s dream ,
“dreamt [we were] getting out of a horrible prison … there were many zombies
inside it , unaware being in a prison [having] such a strange colouring … 
finally [we] got out of the main section but there were many layers of guards
(spells?) to get out from and we did section by section … all of us had to be very
careful to not make a mistake and stay attent [..] what you say…”
– same progress , but even better describing these *** days ;
… then ,
though it sounds like a straw (well , perhaps it IS) , about the May possibility :
since older times “the stars have moved” due to something called “procession
of the equinoxes” prompting people “to add an extra month” 
it’s not that the Zódiac changed but the position of this earth ; and though we’d 
need to investigate it (don’t have time) the concept appears Valid ;
– first question coming up is “isn’t this logical – because the barley is always
that late in our days ?” , where God didn’t make laws which would faulter ;
and compare Henoch’s words : “(in the endtime) they WILL err in the seasons”
– just a thought sticking with us ;
closing :
… there’s so much to reflect upon after doing these series [of spells] :
the Revelation woman “was given wings” – and see the woman in Zechariah ;
she was not “brought to Shinar” but “to the wilderness – new Eden” ! ,
and many other aspects we’d need to rephrase and add still …



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