26 february
virtually certain : the Ukraine Ritual is a playout of the war upon mt. Tsiun
(phrasing carefully — please read unto the end)
… last night before bed a huge It repeated with gravelly voice ‘I hate you’ ,
and that warranted to contemplate this theme again , today  —
we had many Rituals against the 144 the past years , and though this is one too ,
the focus here must be rather ‘covering a synchronous event in the other Reality’ 
the first question is ofcourse “is this possible ..?” – yet the response must be “why nót ?” :

apart from the reasons so far (and see CT 9)
the “melted people” in his dream sound strikingly
much to the “their flesh will melt” – said about the
armies of Satan attacking eden after 1000 years ;
Anna described this flame standing in an eerie
desolated land – of which the sóil was very rich
(while prophets describe eden as ‘desolate’) ;
then , considering Ukraine :

… many things just don’t add up … – it’s internal concocted mess for years now 
(almost as if the country was plánned to have some role if the situation required that) ;
the weird fatalistic speech of Putin , “it has all been decided” etc ; while the type of
attack seems to have .. deliberate flaws , not taking out what shóuld have been first
were it a serious invasion , and so forth — but most of all : Russia will not win this ,
and compare the speech
… – then ; in the Ritual aspect Russia “comes from the east”, read : Heaven ;
‘Ukraine’ means “insideland” as if representing “eden built inbetween the seas”
(while Ukraine typically has very fertile soil…) ; it’s capitol Kiev derives from Kyi ,
the etymology as “club, stick”, read : sceptre  — the UAS ? 
but also ,
the trumpet blown in Tsiun + the sceptre of Judah
… the first phrase appears in Joel 2 : it is unlikely that God dwelt there until now ,
so how much is the chance that angel armies conquer the mountain and hénce
the trumpet blast ? and how great is the chance that this will be the sign for us ..?
– concerning Judah : he represents many “stolen eden constructs” , especially
the “sceptre between his feet” : spells often mention “the legs” – as axis to eden ,
while the UAS represents the section upon mt. Tsiun – is this the same sceptre ?
since Judah is closely linked to the concept “root” 
(we have the ‘birthsceptre’ already – glyph AMS , related to “speech”) ; 

the danger of this Ritual is that everyone instinctively roots (pun) for Ukraine because
of the brave netizens – but therewith supplying energy for the UAS to stay in place ;
while in the end it matters not whether Kyiv will be taken (for a short time)   — 
because Russia is designed to be the defeated one : again , compare that speech
… – please ponder this log ,
and please don’t forget to place yourself and all of us directly under Christ

[Sun. 27 :]
– the mysterious ‘Z’ :
… it doesn’t appear in the Cyrillian alphabet so it’s a ‘sign’ ;
it is not ‘WW Z’ (zombie) but can , in Ritual context , only be ‘Zion’
that much of the Russianarmy consists of questionable material
(like old T-72 tanks) manned by very young Russian boys supports
the interpretation that these are “reserves which can be missed”
to execute this Ritual with – but can also be párt of the ritual
namely as “depicting a weak (heavenly-) army” ;
and if you’d doubt that it is not a Ritualistic sign : ‘Z’ T-shirts sale :
– the angel Michael :
… Kyiv was ‘the sceptre’ ,
it’s flag is “the archangel Michael” yielding a flaming sword ;
while he stands inbetween two bands (“seas”) , see log above
(before 1995 the flag was ‘a lion’ : did Esau prepare this ..?) ;
considered the vastness of this Ritual there is a very possible
link to the angel Michael in Revelation — that section describes
how the matrix has lost WHEN the 144,000 will be rescued
(akin to the line as written in Daniel) ;
it is true that ‘Michael’ as such is more a contextual link here
but nevertheless must be part of this same theme ;
– and a weird article :



… why would Esau start about “a war being masked by other reasons”..? the subject
of the “dramatically difficult contexts” cannot be that this war is executed by the WEF
lackeys Putin and Zelensky (!) , that’d be far too easy ; is this a prideful confession ?

[Mon. 28 :]
– ‘the war in heaven’ :
… we don’t know if it hás started – but surely is to start now ;
archangel Michael appears in the book Jude so we investigated this one :
though the text is very corrupted the link with Enoch is interesting
because it shows Michael as “a guardian of mt. Tsiun itsélf” which ties in
with Revelation 12 – and also with Daniel 12 ;
intro + address is ready ; rest hopefully during the next days ;
– preparing :
… Esau will use this his new Ritual to execute his same agenda – so please
make sure you have some extra water and food when he will cut off electricity
and internet , blaming it on ‘Ze War’ ; yes ofcourse we trust that He will be on time
but it just may be a close call
… the above said because of this nervous-electric-like sphere hanging around

[Wed. 2/03 :]
… we said that in the past two years
at least thrice there was a noticeable
degradation in consciousness , right , 
having linked that to the horses which
(must-) have entered this reality
– while another , uncatchable one ,
started since the start of this year :
it’s nature as … (spiritual-) sleep ,
noting only the immediate surroundment 
            (click to enlarge ; DM uk)
in the past two years 75% of Jacob succumbed to Horus’ coJona Ritual and took the jab ,
which – per definition – means that they succumbed to “the principalities in the air” :
coJona has been abandoned overnight and replaced with Esau’s Ukraine Ritual 
and the same type maps of the same type strategy continue — just with renamed theme 
… – in fact what is depicted on the map is this hypnotic sleep of Jacob
which is ‘ritually guided’ by Esau calling it “music for harmonization of the people” [1]  —
and literally phrased as “slow pace” and “slow rhythm”



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