26 januari
posted Coffin Text 257 : Adam speaks
(shorter spell)



26 januari
dreams + situation
… the past days often came the line “…take the talent from
him and give it to the one who has ten talents (=attributes)” ,
while both yesterday’s dream and today’s seem to point to
the “.. go invite anyone you can find” of the wedding parable ;
the series of dreams started with
“finding a remote controlled explosive device in the cupboard
where is the gas and current supply for the ancestral house ,
and I went down to the basement to close off the pipes” ,
then it was about “Benjamin needed” ,
then about “youth leaving a classroom and taking a shower”
(and we ourself could , only after that) ,
and “a good working plan to unite all the singles sitting now
alone in their apartments”  (‘house’ is usually ‘consciousness’) ;

the ‘ancestral house’ must be eden … perhaps ‘endangered’
concerning a timeframe ? .. and therefore now ‘the young ones’
(‘in spirit’) are being collected / called up … ?



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