26 june
Pentagon has no explanation for 144 report-ed encounters
… you may think we – finally – lost it (and we wouldn’t blame you , grin) ,
but the “144 + report” immediately caught our attention    —
please first see that this ‘report’ is ofcourse totally Bogus :
they wouldn’t tell the people , anyway , and not once “alien” is mentioned ;
however ,
they talk about “a threat” (p.2) , since the past decade until now [sic] ,
and their goal is “collecting data on UAP” (read : unidentified PERSONS ..?) ;
“UAP reportedly appear to exhibit unusual [-flight] movements” (p.3) ,
but thankfully ,
from the 144 (-reports) they ‘identified’ one UAP : “a large deflating balloon”
(which in context can be wé – either as “hot air” or “running out of power”) ;
then ,
in page five the “But Some Potential Patterns Do Emerge” , is explained in page 6
as “we will need to detect trends to recognize patterns in data points” ,
“to accumulate information from the known object such as the weather balloon”  –
now , translated ,
since that first ‘weather balloon’ is repeated ,
they search for words or phrases LIKE that weather balloon used !
read : they look for the other candidates …

you keep all of the 144,000 safe , Sir
no whatever electronical or energetic Harassment by Esau upon them   —
it’s all already heavy enough as it is …
(subscript : would never have posted the above
were it not for a rather insane dream past night…)
(sub #2 : [copy sent to the] Disruptive Technology [-department] ; wut ?)




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