26 maart
posted : Luke 18 , the parable of the widow and the judge
‘I will return whén I have found belief upon earth’

breakdown and compared with an Isaiah chapter ;
… yes the “day and night” described there is very true ,
but it’s worse Sir – we’re all spent , yet it all drags on

the dream about our house as if upon a steep cliff ,
where a boy outside – like an acrobate upon a high construct –
succeeded to enter our room ; then I see his Turkish (Armenian ?)
mother next to me (yet I never – ever – dream about these people)
perhaps showed the last ones of the 144 entering ,
… but we’ve lost count of these type dreams ; everytime another ;
and it .. does not help anymore to hang on



26 maart
an oldie (1981)
but telling EXACTLY what’s going on now ,
inclusive the train , the beer and the storm ;
and if you interpret the ‘under your thumb’
as “not wanting to be humble”
you understood our intention …



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