26 mei
posted : Heb. 7 (part I)
the history of our Originals ,
how the soul was separated
and came to live on earth
inside this present body ;
the 144 + restored birthright



26 mei

  • – Esau now turns 180 degrees by “questioning the Wuhan lab”,
    but only to shift attention from his vaccine back to his non-virus :
  • – we know that his vacci-nazi-ions are based upon his created adeno strain
    carrying an RNA “payload” (and all available ‘vaccines’ have this same goal)
    which is – most likely – a command executing “gene silencing” (look it up) ;
  • – we know that Esau’s MSM babble about “T-cells” is fake ,
    because (and you remember the often showed pics of the ‘virus’)
    in reality , those ‘t-cells’ which “should prevent the attacking point”
    are about nano-particles DESIGNED TO BE at those ‘attacking points’ ,
    because the created virus is supported bý the nano-particles  :
  • – because
    this entire construct (adenovirus + payload , carried by the nanoparticles)
    is designed to cross the blood-brain-barrier – BBB ,
    since those particles act like a type “lubricant” enabling the payload to cross it ;
    while the targets are multiple – but mainly the neurological systems ; 
  • – the “delivery method” works by “having magnetized those nanoparticles” ,
    which exist out of an iron-ferro or otherwise core , covered with a coating ,
    having been exposed to a certain magnetic burst to enable them 
    (carrying their payload-virus) to enter the cells without any problem ;
    where the ‘effectiveness’ of this method is from a double to a thousandfold 
    (compare the many “magnets sticking to vaccine injection spot” videos ,
    but because the particles arrange themselves according to the magnet field) ;
  • – where the thousands of particles will remain throughout the body ,
    and because of their nature can be scanned as a personal RF

    however  – what we do not know yet – 
    though this must be some “gratification” concept in which souls will be 
    offered a delight (a delightful feeling) by óther means or actions ,
    after this murderous idea will have robbed and distorted faculties –
    is how to tie this in with the coming evil dimension
    related documents upon which we based the above are saved ;
    perhaps later we’ll expand – somehow we just needed to get this Out

even if you won’t read – just scroll through the pics :



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