26 november
converging defensive moon-Ritual : into ‘covid’ now
… Esau is ofcourse preparing his other – réal – disasters ,
but he needed to create an offspin of his Covid-hoax now :
remember , his HQ – the Vatican – can Ritually copy and
paste any attribute upon whatever situation   —
from ‘sound’ and ‘gaseous’ he linked his CoJona ‘virus’
to cymatics : compare both depictions to right ;
linking it further back to his Wisconsin ritual  —
compare “the cog in the sky” there with the cog shown in the
flag of Botswana , “where his fake B,1,1,529 strain originated” ;
…. Reuters helpfully explains
that this B-strand “has “a very unusual constellation” of mutations” ,
and ofcourse we totally agree with this weird phrasing ; while some
Esau stooge called ‘Tulio de Oliveira’ briefed the WHO meeting of this ,
where you’ll see how this guy is ofcourse tied to the Rockefeller foundation ,
and – coincidentally – his name is the concept ‘oliver’ in previous log ;
while the WHO just named its fake strain Omicron

– you may think that we overdo it :
but then why Esau is still devising his defensive occult Rituals ?? :
obviously he still believes / hopes THAT HE STILL HAS A CHANCE !!
don’t you remember 2020 , Esau depicting his covid guarding this earth ?

  (18 hrs ago ; notice
       the craftyness)

      (cymatic figure ;
          pic : amazon)


Sir we really do not understand what you are waiting for … promise you secured the 144 ,
and what we experience is mainly ‘the rearguard keeping the last bridgehold’ before we go
… – don’t look at our poor situation .. just please act to your promise
for you : 
it is still a WAR :
Mystery-Babylon’s fake ‘144,000 lightworkers’ , usually as “ascension types” ,
but needing the required deluded ones unknowingly warring us , also seem ready
20 min vid : will forever cure you from ‘covid’ – and other Esau medical lies
(start at 15 mins ; Nov. vid) : Esau’s old dream to poison Jacob with his synthetic poison jabs
(long but worth it ; spring 2021) : same theme , also related to his “internet of things (=bodies)”



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