27 april
completed : 2 Cor. 5


27 april
(see red above , posted start of April)
this sparked our interest      >>>
bizarre tweets from a Rothschild ;
below that shows ‘the cryptic book’ of Henry II , 
related to ‘astrology’ – belonging to the same tweet ;
now — the latter is but a deflection of the message , 
because there is only one book showing ‘the Time’ :
therefore the ‘cryptic book’ denotes “the prophets” 
(read : the Esau bloodline knóws that the majority 
doesn’t understand the cryptic prophets , since he had
been the one corrupting them – hence “the book” here) ,
but also Esau saw the right version by now ;          (sic)

and an earlier tweet (22 april) : 
“the next crisis will happen during your sleep , and you will wake up poor.
It will happen lightning fast .
Music is still playing .
So prepare.
Buy physical #gold and #silver.”
… again – the ‘economy context’ is but deflection (=because only secondary) :
this is about “the sleeping virgins” and “as the lightning coming from the east” .
– we’ll wait for the next one .



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