27 august
posted : first half of ‘the seven vials’
… meantime , in Esau’s ‘news’ :
(supporting the graphene jab theme)
“Japan withdraws 1,6 million doses of Moderna ;
the Ministry saying : “it’s a substance reacting to magnets ,
[and the substance] could be metal”, a ministry official said.” [1] ;
… then ,
(shot from WEF video)

supporting that ‘the 666 was an integral part of their plan’ (see page) ,
Esau couldn’t help himself displaying the 666 — to right ,
naming this particular jab “ZyCov-D” [2] (but read : zyklon-b ;
what is it with nazis and their fascination for gas / poison ..?) ;
… then ,
supporting that Esau is preparing his next event —
“the horrendous situation (-in Kabul) is called “World War Z” [3] ,
messaging that a downfall of ‘a’ society will contain ‘the zombies’ aspect —
and don’t forget that the CDC has a separate “zombie page”
(the RT article is very poorly written : only to serve the WW Z phrase) ;
ofcourse ,
by his next (5G-) ‘outbreak’ the (inoculated-) people ofcourse will feel sick ,
therefore Esau prepares the scene already , telling
(Bloomberg) : that “vaccinated people may be more vulnerable as thought”,
(BBC) : questions “the durability (of the effects of the jab)” [both : 4] ,
just as MSN “questions their effectiveness” [5] ;

… every MSM : US strikes back against “Isis-K planner” ;
the whole story is far too flimsy and that term just far too weird —
I=9 , S=19 , K is either “morning” in Persian or 11 ;
“the plan is to strike (the West) at the morning of 19 September”?

[1] (same phrasing appeared in Nippon) :






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