27 december [5am]
… so this is that 24th of Haggai … eventually until dawn tomorrow …
if it “looks like” something could transpire ? – the frank answer is ‘No’ ,
but that’s perhaps due to the closed off and void past week

Sir .. we saw – if understood well – “that Jacob will not even ask anymore” ;
not even wait nor ask you if you will ever return
– as exactly the sphere of past week ..
is there a reason that we’ve to go through that , too ?
if you wanted to make the point that the soul isn’t really able to do
or keep the smallest things then yes the point came across —
though it wasn’t that we hadn’t already understood that … so why ?
please don’t play with us no longer … we just want to go home
– please promise you appear and get us out of this ape
… and you show us what your world is like



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