27 februari
Ritual : NASA hints at incoming ‘motherships’
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27 februari
dream – probably the ‘speech’ Attribute
… being in front of a governmental building in a city in the East
(this city often represents the theme of Attributes) ,
in the darkness of evening a horse cart arrived to the square :
the cart seemed to be covered with thick black velvet ,
and out of it stepped a gorgious young lady ,
having eyes like diamonds , surrounded by long curled raven-black hair ,
wearing a long red gown beneath the same black velvet type jacket ;
— we was to meet but there seemed to be no proper protocol ;
… then i found me in the hall of that building , passing some hostile guy
smirking at me because he had arranged this non-proper protocol ;
i’m absolutely sure
that this lady represented the gorgious “(great) speech attribute”
and we have an idea how they linked this to Cush and glyph KAM-UR
as “imprisoning this attribute within [their-] black(-ness)” (KAM)



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