27 januari
posted Coffin Text 255 :
the 7 stolen torches (Rev.4, Nah.2) – Adam speaks ;
… very readable though difficult theme ;

we knew for a long time 
that we was also fighting Adam   >>
and understanding the spells
(combined with prophets)
gains us territory step by step ;
however ,
it makes us wonder more and more
who is this figure who caused so much destruction

– added to previous log : the name Benjamin Kramer
was suggested by a club of young people having drinks
outside a bar (?) where also mr. Trump sat      (=why?) ;
but that scene was after sitting on a park bench with
a youth I hold dear           (‘representing those youth’?) ;
… Kramer means ‘merchant’, 
per context likely as “youth being merchandised with”,
therefore , Sir , add those sweet souls to us ,
as the ones who hadn’t the time nor possibility like us   —
because we saw that the ones who shóuld know don’t listen