27 january
… but suggesting that the ‘refugee’ building
means ‘all the collected candidates for the 144’
and the three floors in it ‘three years’ ;
where “after the fire” – at the start of this year –
now the new ones enter who will come with us ;
then ,
that ‘the ground floor was burned’ máy point to
“a 3d of candidates having left” (see other logs)
and compare again the number of floors ,
but the question is still “wére it THAT many” —
the positive is that we’re on the right track again
… video’s circulated already addressing ‘micro cloths’ caused by Esau’s poison jab
but the link below shows that things take a whole new level now – a horrific one ;
raising a lot of questions what God is allowing and what is the nearby future of many ,
but , frankly , leaving us … confused and overwhelmed
– just understanding 1 thing for sure : that we need to get out – now…



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