27 june
a *** night and an even more *** day — until 3 PM when giving up and drinking them
after the 8th line – see below – because anyway no sun would go down but only normally ;
this is a fckn to be trainwreck so catastrophic that it can only be released in stages
with too little hope that tomorrow would change anything    —-
this. is. so. impossible : gem after gem (today half of Jer.44 here) and you have 23+K
serious friends – and growing – here who agree that these are the things He said
yet in spite of all this we are not able to pinpoint any promised date .. ???
the point isn’t even these days themselves : it is the ultimate Abyss looming now ;
of everything to find on the Net THIS was the most solid configuration
but pray tell what the fck we will do when it remains as Silent as this and nothing happens ?

[+4 hrs]
Esau unearthed ‘my’ witch again
(more tricky than the other ones)
defending their Gate —
you’ll see why



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