27 mei
posted [full] : Heb. 8 : the 144 restore eden for when Jacob will be saved
including “the cornerstone” theme (see prophets) ;
chapter was grave but not as completely corrupted as previous 7

dream – some of the 144 have quit (?)
… past days were nasty , each time with complex , unsympathic dreams ;
this morning a more clear one : being in one room with (distant) family ,
as two or three males who wanted to walk away because of a church theme
of which they thought (but not explained) why I was wrong in that ;
yet their wives didn’t go with them – but neither knew what to do else

Sir , we don’t know what we did wrong – apart from the usual mess –
but we feel that males of the first called group have quit ;
please do what you think is right – but make us complete
… because really it has been going on too long now



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