27 october
compilation of the secondary reaction of the 666 jab
… remember that Esau’s whole Kreat Rezet
with all its digital currency and tracking 
is worthless without ‘giving’ this jab, first  —
for graphene (and other crystalline) trash
in Esau’s jabs see LaQuitaColumna or
other contributors like in [1] below ; these
have the goal to create an artificial neural
(-accessible !) network within the body ;

Martin Luther (we’ll do a post about him)
sadly misunderstood the deeper context of
the scriptures , but he became VERY aware

that Esau had and did “bend and stretch (scriptural-) words”, wherefore he hated Esau ,
having understood how Esau sought to destroy christianity — and this is what he said 
(-and do remember the topic here) :
“Those Jews professing to be surgeons or doctors deprive the Christians who make use of 
their medicaments, of health and prosperity. for such Jewish doctors believe they find especial 
favour with their God if they torment and furtively kill Christians. And we, fools that we are, 
even turn for succor to our enemies and their evil ways in the times when our lives are in danger, 
which is indeed sorely trying God’s patience. [……..]  They know how to deal with medicaments 
in the manner of the Italians-the Borgias and Medicis-who gave people poison which brought 
about their death in one hour or in a month.” 
Martin Luther   1483-1546
the ‘Rust’ ritual : the “sacrifice” he talks about is what hé is going to do ;
forget all Esau’s smoke & mirrors about “an unexperienced prop assistant” etc  :



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