28 april                                                                                                                      12 DAYS
posted : Jn.2 : neither ‘a wedding at Cana’ … but “finding the birth right”
… yes we remain very careful … but also this one has to go — and see intro ;
however , the main problem with this one is that , most likely , the first dozen
lines of John 1 was the first half , originally — which makes one ill because of
having to face a restoration of John 1 as well …
         the good news concerning this section is that it links to “the two tablets”
         which in turn again sustains the context of Unleavened as our date
                   our Majesty … please always forgive us , immediately and completely ,
                   please keep us afloat 12 more days still … – see how we try ,
                   surviving these horrible days , with that neverending heartache …
                   promise that the date is true



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