28 augustus
triple post : Rev. 10 + 5 + 11 (part I , II and III of the same theme) :
if the 144 understand the scroll , Christ will open the seven seals
… a very readable , unexpected running theme !
[08/29 :]
posted : Rev. 4 (of 12+4) : the eden gate and Revelation woman (’24 elders’ = corrupt !)
… where Rev. 4 is the proper closing of the Rev. 12 theme ;
(defensive) occult Ritual : 
‘Esau tries to get through the same gate as the one for the eagles (-the 144)’ 

“Mentioning Dante Alighieri’s description of Celestine as the man of
“the great refusal”, [..] (he said) this is a special day for this city and church: 
the Celestinian Forgiveness [..] and may l’Aquila truly be the capitol (of it) ; [..] 
(we) need to assume the strength of the humble [..] (to be) the true conquerors” ;  
the “opening of the door” (after 700 years) is the door in the Philadelphia church ,
l’Aquila is “eagle” as how prophets describe “the 144 will soar up from earth”,
‘Celestine’ is “heavenly” while the term ‘assume’ was chosen on purpose , where  
the ‘great refusal’ is about “an Esau figure” (see Wiki)  —
as far as we’re concerned his Ritual is all in vain : no blocking the 144 – period.



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