28 january
you know that reading the miles of glyphs is much like this ,  >>
waiting until a palpable combination about a construct appears ;
though in them show gems as “the four horns (+solarplane)” ,
compare Daniel , and “the seven necks (+solarplane)” ,
compare the Beast in Revelation , 
the eden-moon theme remained very uncatchable in them  —
more and more it seemed
that the the concept “eden-moon as destroyed Throne room” 
was not maintainable , and that instead this moon should be
the one half of the ‘eden sun and moon binary system’  :
              [gfycat com]
– and that “the matrix could have stolen its energy at some place during this moon’s orbit” ,
as a kind of “repetitive stealing during every (moon-) month” , and from there have built
all of their region in the north — eventhough, ofcourse, this is an insane speculation
… after giving up (for today) and drinking them ,
PyramidText 301 showed up – making a very solid case for just this concept ! ,
but please understand it will take a while to verify and post it
perhaps not so surprising ,
Esau invented some Vague story about ‘a Falcon-9’ rocket ;
the ‘Falcon’ is ofcourse ‘Horus’ , uniting with ‘his’ eden-moon ;
as the “far side” we cannot see which is “the other reality”,
and even the ‘9’ has a meaning   —
in the spells , the Ennead are “nine main matrix constructs”
(as their land, sky, etc) coming into existence BY the moon :
no wonder that he dont want to lose it ….
       [trendingaffairs com]



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