28 january                                                   only May … ?
… it’s a dreadful topic this , 
but considered this situation of absolute Silence and absence – what’s new , right –
we should need to prepare for the possibility of yet another three months 
since that is the only ’21st’ making sense : as the last day of the feast of Weeks ;
        several prophets mention either ’21st’ or ’24th’ yet it’s useless if we can never
        be sure of their month — and it seems the only sure month is “the first one” 
        which in our case would start April 19 this year
… though we’re sure that ‘Trumpets’ has been “the appointed time” as the start of
the restoration of the scroll , and though this site went online around that time ,
the ‘official counting’ must have began later [probably because a number of themes 
simply weren’t well enough understood …?]   , yet cáusing that we’ve no clue anymore
where we are at the ‘3d year’ timeline — and 10 May appears the most solid right now

yes it’s depressing to even think about it , that far out … but better than exhausting
you and ourselves with days that don’t come to pass : ofcourse anytime before  May
would be great , but considered this … almost retreat of Him  that don’t seem hopeful
         a second indication that some time could be left is Esau’s ritual a few days ago
         as the first one again since many months – apart from his running Ukraine one ,
         as if he still cherishes some hope ; now he created a spin-off of previous one
         where ‘Memphis’ is Egypt [=the Field]   , the location the ‘castlegate’ (-street) is
         the ‘castle’ + ‘(star-) gate’ as the link to previous ritual]   ; the ‘5’ cops is the
         T’uathouse , giving ‘9’ blows as the Ennead ; the ritual victim is we , either from
         old English “to equip , to dress” [=the 144 as caretakers]   but more likely as from 
         old-Irish “land of the well-born” since we are at the birth-right theme
         [and the shouting ‘mom’ and she saying ‘I wont see my baby again’ supports that]  
… perhaps you think it’s overdone ,
but we aren’t out of the woods – yet ….  



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