28 july
our mother EVE to be rescued (?)                                                    [=our deadlock broken ?]
… this must be the most Insane log since a year but please try follow    —
the sea was greenish last night and fragments of statues (?) were at its floor ,
and a line in Amos 9 about “something hidden at the sea floor” came to mind 
after the possibility that it could be ‘Eve’ in the sea as the Leviathan realm  ; 
it felt a bit silly at first but I apologized deeply for what happened to her
      today having searched key-words and several chapters that may support
      this concept [-about her] showed : but how to can verify this theme ? is it not 
      far too outlandish – or even a product of own fantasy ? and it is so easy to 
      read something into  the chapters while we háve so many themes already
this Jeremiah 9 seemed safe to start it ,
for we knew already that at the end – rather unusual – Eve is spoken of ;
the buildup has ‘tears as water’ so ‘a female theme’ , then the crime , where
again ‘waters’ appear ; and since Adam shows at the end he must have done
something to her , right ; 
it really looks like he imprisoned her in the south [-realm] when he went North ,
but that his Behemoth realm , containing Mystery-Babylon , will no longer receive 
waters from the south after she will be rescued , and neither will the sun 
[-also fed by the waters] and will go dark which is our Date
     interestingly , Isis and Nepthys support Osiris (‘M-Babylon’) who both may
     represent the dualistic realm where Nepthys constantly “cries” : Eve …?
     so that the entire concept may not be so outlandish as it appears now … 
… posting it in parts okay cause it’s like driving blindfolded
few lines are still missing but the core looks good ;
it is all most interesting and we’d need to reflect a bit on everything said :
the correlation between ‘female being the inside of male and giving [-him] life (love)’
with ‘the waters [-giving life to] the North’ came out well as did the entire buildup —
tomorrow an intro still
… what is not clear is ‘from where this theme came suddenly’ since we assumed that
the sceptre was the final one ..? yet perhaps this is part óf the sceptre ?
Anna wrote how she had a vision years ago about “we as a gorgeous and powerful
male shot up out of the sea and how her heart melted” : is this the final theme ?
next question : what we do with the still open window till August 4 ?


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