28 june [03.30] 
yes I was angry but never with you … yes I said it’s not good what you are doing
and I stay with that — because all of this is murdering us
perhaps you cannot imagine … but every day is a war to survive , being so fed up
with the utter nonsense everywhere that it physically hurts to have to notice them ,
a freak world with freak interests and freak pleasures ,
only holding on because you said  the 3d year it’ll be over + some time for the sceptre ;
but now again  we face an endless chasm where this time we will have no  power to cross it
and the soul – or what’s left of her – desperately searches how to can weaponize herself
against the upcoming endless string of murderous empty hours
       why , please , would you treat us this way ?
we never blackmail you with your own words cause we understood how it came to pass ,
we don’t look down on the others because we know how strong Sorcery is ,
since we treat your words as gold and are blown away by the concept that you are 
your own person with your own will and feelings who would want a relation with us    —
but why then please  would you let your own elite troops be so put to shame … ?