28 june
in spite of the current problem the chapter came out very well and is complete (see here) ;
but doing it was more like “for old times’ sake” because of this incredible contradictory state
where the danger of resentment  is lurking at the door (-of the soul)
    is that Date Trauma thing affecting – invalidating – the content of the chapters An Sich ?
    the answer must be a definite NO : also this chapter is the same strong and informative ,
    as themes that can never devaluate simply because they are TRUE ,
    whatever we try to deduct from them concerning that awful Date theme
… however ,
you wounded the soul – or whatever is left of her – deeply your Majesty :
you knew that we would find any theme that you wished us to and we proved it ,
but considered this for us most important thing you left us dangling by not. saying. one. word. 
and it caused a fundamentally  most dangerous and unexpected situation 
because it has turned into a trustfall — something which you could so easily have avoided … 
[+ 2 hrs]
we won’t leave you alone – as if you have only problems with your people :
you entrusted us with your words ,
then please tell when it’s the end before we will die of heartache



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