28 maart
posted :     Mt. 19+20 : the parable of
‘the workers in the vineyard’ :
 the 144,000 are handpicked



28 maart
the occult Ritual aspect of the Suez concoction
… we’re too tired to make an entire page about it —
we are sure Canaan organized it for his social engineering purposes ,
but — if not thé — main goal for this concocted ‘accident’ is a Ritual :
… before ‘crashing’, the vessel drew a sexual act [1 ; NYP] ;
then speeding with 13,5 knots (instead of 7.6 knots) in the channel ,
having refused Tugs (=boats) , where the “sidewind” nonsense
discards the powerful boosters at the stern ;
… Canaan’s MSM loves to call it “the ever given”, but because ‘ever’
is an etymology based upon “life, body, prosper”, it reads : giving life ;
and you immediately understand why the sexual act ;
– now ; the Suez canal has become “a birth channel” ,
and , literally , the giving life became stuck in the birth channel :
… in ancient Egypt , dedications were placed “in the canal at Abydos”,
representing the portal to the Other Reality —
this is why Canaan chose the “sea theme” (=dimension) ,
where “the giving life (=from the east = Heaven)”
is now “stuck” in Egypt (=this earth)” : see the Abydos theme :
… we know this is going on
because we wait for life every f*ckn day
and to prevent that Esau will drag on his hoax for an x-number of days
we herewith declare it Invalid .
that right now is the same situation as before the Exodus :
Pharaoh shouting : “I will NOT let them go”




28 maart
no we don’t care about the so-called ‘satan sneakers’
nor about the ‘nas x’ video — f*ckn bunch of baby-Swines



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