28 march
… ever since previous log is this incredible , relentless heartache
— which must be ‘of our female Originals desiring to be restored in us’
because notions of their absolutely divine beauty come with the ache — 
and immediately Evil answers this theme by choosing a transgender 
acting in “the covenant school ” where the Ritual is about you and we 
killing our ówn ones [-of the 144] … you will recognize the other aspects
so we don’t do that here ; needless to say that the Ritual is Un-done

        but if you thought you get a break : no ;
        tomorrow Adam’s Vatican will bless a satellite trying to keep us on earth   —
        the main theme is ‘Statio Orbis’ and please look up the etymology of both ,
        where this earth is ‘a boat’ that must be protected from Christ getting us  ;
        see also the descriptions of the carefully designed logo and how the Ritual
        will be sealed by [-144] gullibles whose “name will be written in heaven” 
        (their quote) because they  will have ‘gone up’ instead of you and we ….

the point with these type Rituals is that they can stall us  — not so much ‘you and we’ 
but the [completion of the-] others of the 144 whom we do not know , and therewith
exhausting us  because we barely hang on … and what they do if we  will give up ?
so , we Un-do Rituals right at the start or any new one can be connected to it : 
remember we still are in his ‘Lent’ time which was against our ‘Acceptable Day’ 
and that countdown of days was to be strengthened with this one [2] ;
but also older ones can be connected to it , even ones that work back in Time  : 
hence the sermon [3] from two years ago  , the Plandemic , because it uses all that
massive generated Negative energy against us … you see please ?

         your Majesty … I so have no courage to even address you anymore … totally stuck ,
         trapped in these endless days of monstrous emptiness … it is all such an incredible mess ,
         so dirty , so failed … and May is so far still , unreachable … with always the few percent
         chance that it is not  the date , that I misinterpreted words in spite of having been so careful ,
         it is paralyzing … as it is paralyzing to think that you would not  be Good to this worn out being
         trapped in that utter shameful ape … please choose to be Good … so many years ago you
         took her out and she saw this vessel beneath her and you partly gave her her new body ;
         it was so magnificent for her … when she wanted to move her arm , you moved it fór her …    
         yet now look – no please don’t – where she is , helpless in this ape , totally blind , and afraid  
         for you because she is not able anymore to clean herself up and present her in front of you ;
         nothing she has left anymore : no power , no honor , no light , no memory … she had hope for
         so long because she saw your own words and all the promises you told her … and she wanted
         to be honorful to you in return for all of that , 
         but she has nothing anymore to be honorful with  ; it is all killed by this murderous emptiness 
         having dried up the last drop of oil in the lamp many months ago … please be not angry with her ,
         because she is so faint that she can barely breathe … please be kind to her because beforetime
         she decided to choose for you and your world – and still does … please have mercy upon that
         helpless being she is and is failing you if you will not even a little support her … instead , please
         give her your light … your honor … your understanding and your world … by restoring her in her
         own vessel you made so that she can see you and feel your great kindness and respond back 
         your own love to you … nothing else will do … and you will be our deity and we your people 
why we Un-do these sorceries ? just look at the language …they consider it “a prophetic message”  
and though the thing cannot be seen “it will be there, orbiting our planet. It thus becomes a sign” 
plus 3 hrs : there is the “planned to shoot [Christian-] relatives” angle ….



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