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28 mei : Hebrews 9 :
the relation between the Ark of the Covenant , Christ , and our souls + Originals
… we thought that we found all themes
but we were wrong — and this one surprises even us :
Hebrews 11 starts with describing the (-old) Tabernacle , but especially the Ark
yet – ofcourse – from that point onwards Esau created a gigantic mess ;
… but having found the main line now ,
Paul discloses the reason WHY “(animal-) blood was sprinkled over the Ark” :
because both cherubs on top of the ark represented “our Originals” [as m/f] ,
because THEY were (-are) what the covenant of God is about !

… he explains how “the high priest once a year sprinkled (-animal) blood over it”,
because ‘blood’ is directly linked to “the soul” (almost like ‘representing her’) ;
therefore “the Originals – symbolically – received their core (=the soul) back” ,
and at the end of the chapter he tells “how very long the Originals have waited”
adding “since the foundation of this world (=earth) , to have their core back” ;
and the action of the high priest suddenly makes total sense ! 

next ,
he explains how the previous situation of the old-Tabernacle couldn’t suffice (-ofcourse) ,
but that “the earthly Ark represented (represents) the heavenly one” ,
and that , because Christ represented all that is of heaven ,
the blood of his sacrifice – at Golgotha – was poured out upon the earthly ark :
now , just hów close this comes to Wyatt’s discovery …?                  (see the Ark pages) ;
then – but we’re still investigating because of the grave corruptions ,
he appears to tell that we – 144 – “have to send back the Ark to heaven” ,
since until now she is imprisoned below Mystery-Babylon , just as our Originals :
… this theme is akin to prophets ,
where ALSO is asked from us “to declare certain themes – when found”,
and it seems to us that the intention here 
is that after the declaring “both the Ark and the Originals will escape M-Babylon”
but you understand we need try to verify this 

Revelation 11
… we know from the Ezekiel chapter how Miss showed that the real Ark
was situated inside the enemy gate – north of eden – as ‘having been stolen’ 
(and there’s something else with that chapter – but not for this log) ;
if you look at the end of Revelation 11 , “the Ark is IN the Temple” ,
meaning that at the start of chapter 11 she is NOT :
therefore , the start of chapter 11 (-also) has been corrupted ,
because the present start – as buildup of the chapter – makes no Sense !
– it is FAR more logical
that the angel asks John “to command the Ark to return to the [-heavenly] temple”
(instead of ‘measuring the temple’ : how does that fit the running theme here ..?) ;
then the angel must have explained
“because the Ark was in the court (=gate , in Ezekiel ??) outside the temple” ,
and – paraphrased – “in the hands of the nations [=’of spirits’]” :
that would máke Sense ! ,
and is conform to what Miss showed in Ezekiel !

the cherubim and ‘the fire out of the mouth of the two witnesses’ (=144,000) :
…IF this logical restoration of the start of chapter 11 is made ,
the context would read :
“John , send back the ark of the covenant to the temple (or : heavenly temple) ,
fróm the court (or gate) of the enemy nations who had it “for a long time” (42 mths) ,
so that the 144 witnesses will arise [etc]” ,

and the link between the souls having received their Originals becomes clear ! ; 
while the ‘fire’
is the same as “the star between both the cherubs” : the word of God
(we saw that in prophets , and also how it became corrupt – per the spells) ;

the ’42 months’ :
… at this point we can’t know if it indeed wrote ’42 months’ – but as “a long timeframe” ,
while it must be related to “the long time the Originals had to wait” ;
either way : those lines have nothing to do with some trampled ‘holy city’ !

conclusion – so far :

the whole theme of “this type body of us – being our REAL sin” is the basic Truth ,
not only said as themes in scripture but through all ordained symbolic actions , as well ; 
Paul says in this chapter – but paraphrased – 
that “the souls who will have understood this , have legal right to send the Ark back” ,
that is , the heavenly one ,
simply by declaring that it must return to God ;
… after which the promise of the reunion of the soul with her Original will be established .
and it so ties in with the isaiah chapter
where the Originals cheer when they hear the souls on earth talking about them ;



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