28 november
quotes about “the artificial moon – related to Saturn” ,
the next 4 Dec solar eclipse ,
the winter solstice (aka Saturnalia / Christmas / Santa Claus) ,
and the 2012 event was 2021 (?)

A: solarplane and atom-concept : 
      insofar the M-Babylon realm is a spinning one (while Eden’s is ‘static’) ,
      having made our reality and solarplane as a very slow-downed version ;
      where the atom-concept represents “electro magnetic aspects” ,
      powered by even higher dimensional-plasma ;
B: solarplane and world-tree :
      depiction is from the Seattle Ritual ;
C: nested Platonic solids and (independently-) rotating :
       likely forming aspects of that higher dimension itsélf , including consciousness ,
     while the more complex the solid , the more ‘complete’ the region within it 
       (the cube form must be the odd-one-out because typically belonging to Eden) ;
D: world-tree carrying the solids grid :
       depiction from Seattle Ritual ;
       note how the base of the tree feeds upon the stolen eden waters ;
– too long for this log , please see Isaiah 22
second part may be posted tomorrow ;

Sir we hold on by the teeth … with a frozen soul and foreign bizarre type dreaming …
promise you act now … say the 4th … and take away our impossible situation and our shame



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