28 september
still 7 days to go …
though all the odds favour Trumpets next week ,
we (ourselves) had NO confirmation (-yet) ;
but we found two vids carrying the same title
as ‘warning : 14 days’ (uploaded few days ago) ;
to right : the guy appears sincere , the ‘tsunami’
is ofcourse the evil realm , but interesting indeed
is the “peace” he describes : because when we
go the Legal War is over – and eden has won ;
among other vids , the one of the grandmother
seems credible also , see link below [1] ;

 (message starts halfway)
concerning the Spells : we have several ones ready for 80-90% now ,
and we hunt it ofcourse because MANY themes in prophets reappear :
“the plumbline” in prophets is “the eden-vector SBÁ’ in spells ,
“the boat (for Mystery-Babylon)” in Ezekiel is ‘the T’EP-boat’ in spells ,
“the river the dragon made” in Ezekiel is ‘the watercourse’ in spells ,
“the daily destruction of the eden land” is the concept in spells of the
‘(destroying-) eveningboat SKTT and the morningboat’ , etcetera ;
— but it would take … two years of doing them to can present all these
difficult concepts into a faultless (and comprehensible !) translation
… we just hope it was enough by now Sir… the point has been made
‘two weeks’ :


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