29 december
your Majesty … – it is good that you do not change but stay the same ,
so that nothing of what you said will have changed
       but know that we neither  have changed … yet the difference between you and us
       is that we find ourselves in this dark no-man’s land again … very vaguely remembering 
       the things you have said – and vaguely remembering you  – while aimlessly wandering 
       around with this neverending heartache in this cursed empty place 
this is not our fault … we always try until go-no-more , consequently nothing happens ,
and since we do not have the power to create our own environment — like you have —
we find ourselves in the middle of this dark place again
       this all has become a joke , a torture , your Majesty … – instead you’d be proud on us
       for having searched for what you said , you let us turn into vagabonds — again …
       homeless vagabonds because you refuse to show up
       a bunch of vagabonds who have no idea what  you are doing nor why you do not act ,
       neither understanding what was your ‘third year’ if you glued a clause on top of that :
       we can fckn — you won’t mind — find any  theme you desire to be understood ,
       if one is required still , but your silence – as usual – is murderous
       … why would you , please , do this to us ? 



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