29 january
posted : theme page Gen.49 (the blessing of-) Judah linked to the birth sceptre

… it’s but a short page – because of little text – and we see what we can find more , 
where interesting for us is the aspect of this theme indeed being the final one  ;
… also as one of the reasons fór this page  –
a few of us had organized a convoy as taking the little children with us , and we drove
through the suburbs of a large city ‘in the east’ [=the matrix]   , passing many checkpoints
as police patrolling on motorbikes – but though sometimes they stopped us they couldn’t pin
nothing on us since the law was on our side [=where ‘police’ in dreams is always ‘demons’]   ;
       the scene changed , and a German young man just exited my garage after having looked
       at some objects he thought were of value [=yet he seemed disappointed]   ; I clearly saw 
       his very large black Audi with white German license plate 
then he sat next to me and when I started telling him the theme (-as on this site) he was
genuinely interested even it had not exactly been his  field , but he had enough capacity to
understand the red thread of the narrative 
… yesterday also was a related ‘Judah’ dream , also with driving and a city and escape ,
so the question is : is “our masculine Legal rule” which Judah represents only freed now ..?
do the dreams say “that Judah was aware of things – but was not serious enough” ? , and/or 
is He busy with Judah right now [-and that’s why it feels a bit like we have to wait our turn]   .. ?
so –
how do we get through these three months … ?



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