29 may                                                                                                                                         +/- 25 days
posted : theme : Christ’s ascension at Weeks (49th day) hours before Pentecost (50th day)

… please compare the text excerpts – the theme is virtually 100% sure now ;
next we try “pluck grain cornels during sabbath” (Mt.12) for that is a most suspicious one also
especially since Luke has “second-first sabbath” where the latter can be ‘(feast of-) Weeks’
and the 49th day typically is described as “the feast of ingathering” ;
considered Joel 2 :
chapter 3 is almost finished and runs well — meaning that Joel 2 was correct ;
and an intriguing question is ‘was his name Joel’ ? for the names of prophets usually are
related to their theme , like ‘Haggai’ is “festivity” because of ‘the day of reunion’ theme ;
but ‘Joel’ means nothing : suppose (-iual) was a form of (-iabal) ‘ram’s horn’ aka Jubilee ?



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