29 november
possible : an approaching awareness change
… the situation concerning the mind is still the same —
very poor memory , as if that department evaporated ,
combined with a total lack of overview
– in truth , it feels like being handicapped

… an incoming darkness would alter this reality ,
and arguably through a major change in our perception ;
it is not impossible that this state of being forebodes that ,
and we take it as a … warning

… the very moment the reality change will happen ,
the mind won’t have no reference point at all , anymore ;
therefore the safest place is to stay close to the soul
(though doing so feels like being a small child again…) —
because only the soul will recognize her deity
if indeed the present reality will change into a chaotic one

– written Nov.29 , searching long time for the right words ;
sidestep : compare the Utah monolith ritual , as the object
linked to the changed mindset of the apes in the ‘2001’ movie

pic utahdpsaerobureau



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