29 november – ravine II
… to phrase it more clearly as yesterday – and keeping with the ravine situation ;
the breath (spirit) cannot keep standing there but took off over the cliff ,
yet more like a fluttering small thing making no single progress against the storm
while constantly pleading to Him to act and to show Himself
— but this is a dangerous and unstable situation and will not last very long for her

the whole theme with its many aspects – as in this site – seems far away right now :
it belonged to her soul that had to make that long and hard journey to this point
because of the absolute need to escape out from that ancient sticky curse
       but she cannot – not now – give up the fluttering and return again to those themes , 
       and it’s clear whát was “the sunday school page full of scribblings” the angel held  —
       this site … *blush* … – not in the texts ofcourse but in the many things which we do
        not or only half understand still … that’s alright – important is that he held it
… but yes the situation is urgent and we really need a timeframe — apart from Haggai
the “guilt” theme which is indeed about “the guilt of the soul being in this ape” also shows
in Hosea but those too are so very corrupted (and guess what : it also has the “3d year”) ;
and though both seem to show that He acts when this guilt problem is over ,
there’s really nothing for sure to say about a timeframe – because of the corruptions …
       while secondary sources are most tricky : was the “between 8 and 9 pm” of two
       weeks ago perhaps “8 and 9th month” i.e this month ?
       [could the strange ‘8th day’ of Booths — as a day we put at the 1st of this month —
       act as a crossover to include this month ..? ; please : ‘the circumcision’ also was at the
       eight day , as “presenting male to God” – while prophets use “circumcision of heart”
       indicating the restoration of the soul ;
       similarly interesting is Leviticus describing the eight day related to the guilt-offering
       (see above and log 28) … so how much chance is there for ‘this month’ ?]  
please ,
promise you plead