29 october
… in one of Esau’s (not so surprising-) ads
you can see his ‘Samhain’ holy days here ,
where the family (=Jacob) “sacrifices”
Dorito chips (meaning ‘golden ones’)  
but in reality ‘sacrificing young girls’ 
because they are depicted as eating them ;
we learned from several SRA sites
(satanic-ritual-abuse) that the perpetrators
have to be called ‘uncle’ by the victims ,
and the appearing half-human is not
ascending ‘from the grave’ but “from a cave” ;
note also how Esau is ‘renewed’
(the different lighting at the end) as well as
the screaming baby in the clip
and compare details with [1] ;
… second ,
the gruesome halloween shots of the tool called ‘Jenner’
as pregnant covered in blood , really does not need more
explanation — as the aborted manchild : the144

our Sir ,
we so don’t understand you … you tell us ‘to understand how you speak’ …
but now we DID , you are beyond Silent … we do not cry out to you about futilities ,
because you taught us what is going on , and we keep our position in front of you ,
because we know you are the only one who can change anything 
… but your silence is hurting very much … and just does not rhyme neither with
what you asked nor with what we learned …
— you desired souls who understand their position … well we do … but then why
be so harsh and keep ceasing any communication whatsoever …?
again ,
protect the (little-) souls we did not know about … get them out …
and annul what Esau is trying this year – sacrificing 144k little souls – 
because we’re convinced he is doing that right now
and get us out Sir
get us Out
and destroy this evil earth and their evil Babylon realm .. say something – please
(use discernment – testimonies are mostly true , her context is very Off ;
you’ll find ‘golden foetusses’ and concepts “to imprison souls in this earth”)
see the ‘crystalline tears’ and the black tears (=graphene ; same theme) ,
Esau’s plan of “hacking the mind” (=to imprison the soul) and others
[3] (missing children)

even Esau’s highpriestess ‘for the public’ jumps in promoting sacrifice ;
you can be sure it’s 144 linked : 133 + X , or 144 jewels , etc

upd. 2 :
incredible .. reptoids speaking at the UN … – and it’s an UN clip !
and their ‘extinction’ is not about ‘climate’ but about us leaving ;
see log 25 for the Ritual link ;
secondary option : the Beast is talking



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