29 oktober
… though the soul feels during these last few days
as if a hedge stands around her (demons?) which lets nothing through
(..or is it ‘the situation of this earth right now ? , compare next log) ,
she constantly and silently begs you to get her out
– but as if that asking is coming from outside of her

… you forgive us Sir , for all the disasters and filth we were in ,
and promise you make us clean just as you said you will ;
it are gorgeous chapters – also the next 51



29 oktober
the killings in Nice (and other places) – as occult Ritual
… ‘Nice’ means ‘victory’ , “the victorious city” , read : ‘this earth’ ;
the attacker “gave his name as Brahim while being arrested” (wrote Le Figoro) ,
deriving from the root (-abir) “strong one (in a defensive way)” ,
so “the strong (defensive ones) will make the city (=this earth) victorious”,
as “by killing the ones of the church” (the attack happened in a church)
(which per further context were ‘a man and a woman’ , as ‘two witnesses’) ;
while the Catholic church issued a statement saying that “Christians must not
become a symbol to be cut down” (per Daily Mail) : why immediately say that ..? ;

… that several attacks happened in different places means it was orchestrated ;
and the Occult factor here is “people agreeing thát those people died” ;
these very days are part of the (occult) festival called Samhain ,
but what particularly interests us is that these attacks happened on an event
named ‘Mawlid’ , 28-29 October , said as “the birth of the prophet (=mohammed)” ;
please remember that we mentioned this ‘birthday + prophet’ ….



29 oktober
12,000 changes in the Dutch standard bible to be presented next year
… per article , nine (!) translators have worked three (!) years
“to complete” (!) this newest version — by having restored terms like
‘he’ into ‘He’, and words like “alms” became “a merciful gift”

*shaking head*

[1] https://www.trouw.nl/religie-filosofie/12-000-aanpassingen-in-de-



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