29 september
two good videos —
in the first a Dr. explains the risks of taking the vaccine by telling what it contains ;
addressing themes as transhumanism etc – and her strong warning “do not take it” ;

… while below , a professor in virology explains how the body fights viruses
(inclusive graphics) , showing how people áre already protected against this ‘covid’,
and how hazardous the concept of the new vaccine is ; warning “do not take it”

(subtitled in english)

… we still ponder how to place this entire scam in a sensible context —
for the most bizarre is “that the timing of this thing is simply a few years too late” ,
making us to think that ‘factions’ exist in the group as ‘the rulers of this world’ :
like , that only a few of them know what is really at the door
(read : namely the concept and timeframe when prophets are understood) ;
but that the larger faction – the ones executing this scam – are nót aware of that ,
still thinking to proceed with their plans for a ‘sustainable earth’ …..



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