3-4 june                                                                                                                                               20 DAYS
posted : (almost full) : Jer.5 : [feast of-] Weeks as the harvest — when we go

… was a torture to GET to line 24 , to be SURE that the context is okay :
she came out wonderfully and her buildup is so solid that this is a 100%
of the same quality as the combined Is.17 together with the Mt.12 one :
it means that We. Go. Home. — and this time for real !
tomorrow will be added closing section + restored text + intro ,
and also why this chapter indeed follows upon previous 3 and 4 ;
no other :
please know that other chapters containing the key words we need
are too corrupted – so we probably have to do it with these ones ;
we’ll make an overview of those but it won’t get better as this one ;
see updates to this log tomorrow ;
            always forgive us your Majesty please … every day and hour ;
            promise that we rightly understood : the buildup now says so
            and especially from ‘the mountain’ to line 22 culminating into
            line 24 … because of your kindness she came out very well
4 june
posted : complete text + intro


subject : this world : buh bye !  ;)



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