3 april

a list of statements which
Christ NEVER has made

(in casu : Luke 12)



3 april
(3am) occult Ritual : suiciding us – in DC
… he linked : to his Suez ritual ,
per the name ‘green’ (=evergreen) ,
per the name ‘noah’
(=boat + dimensional crossing) ,
per ‘the crashing’ (=like the evergreen) ,
and ‘(ancient-) Egypt’ is now ‘Babylon’ (=DC) ;
… but this is “the other way around” :
about “you + we going tó the other dimension” ;
… click image for to enlarge >>> ,
but mind you that Esau wrote it FOR him
since the poor guy was but a patsy :
first paragraph Ritually describes you + we ,
and we are renamed as ‘minister’ in 2nd part ;
… but note how Esau’s “MSM version” differs [1]


(credits inside)

(=deliberately so , to present a false spin to the goal of his ritual) ,
but you’ll now understand what is said there :
just skip the word ‘farrakhan’ and note how eerie Esau describes wé ;

thank you for always protecting us , Sir ;
so we were nót wrong about the ‘murder sphere’ past week
– get us out… now , now : Pharaoh can shout all he wants




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