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posted : (1-9 of) Amos 5 : Eve (introduction)
… virtually all of Amos is about “the abuse of (eden-) female” : chapters 1-3 tell
the sons to respect female (-in order to learn about eden-feminine ) , then comes 
the Bulls chapter (the double-trap) and now starts the situation of Eve    —
to falsify the theme , this is the buildup of Amos ,
so that we can be absolutely sure  that we have the right theme here – she :

… interestingly , this theme may also be the key to Haggai 2 which is all about
the “promise of the Date” — see above , combined with lines [-in that chapter] 
as “who of you remembers the first […..] ?” ; 
it begs the question if ‘the sceptre theme’ [=the book of Life] perhaps may have
been a sub-theme [-like many others] where the real theme was Eve  [‘life’] ….
        it was but a short fight today your Majesty , you saw that … it’s too impossible
        like this , and no one would understand it anyway , but I know that the lack  of
        any Life will make one to desperately search — and you   knew it , ofcourse 



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