3 february
the imprisoned temple-fundament as ‘the tried cornerstone’
… huge  —
we know from prophets that the matrix “stole the (eden-) cornerstone” ,
and CT 160 and 157 tell the whole story (to be posted in next two days) ;
and it made us pondering :
Christ refers to himsélf as ‘the cornerstone’ , right ; but never is made clear
whát the context of this can be (because most likely that has been corrupted) ;
then ,
it writes in Revelation “I have the key of the house of David (‘and I open..’ etc)” ,
but neither “that key” is explained – also not in prophets – so what is ‘the key’ ?
– it must be something He hás which IS the key ,
and because he also holds ‘the seven stars’ and other aspects , it is very
possible that it wrote “I have the stone – as the key to Eden”     (DuD=eDn) :
simply because this stone theme appears SO crucial !
hénce CT 158 tells “the real adm-soul to know this nót”   ?

on top of the mountain (south-east of Egypt) God gave the stone (tablets)
to Moses – representing “His SPEECH” : because that thundered so loud that
the people begged Him to stóp speaking ,
in which that mountain represented mt. tsiun south-east in the other reality !
now ,
this cornerstone ‘spéaks’ – however strange that sounds to our ‘modern’ ears 
(and see how that worked out in the spells : it is their greatest treasure !) ; 
and we were NOT wrong about the ‘moon theme’ : just that it is more complicated :
the matrix stole ánd the light of the eden-moon (of eden’s binary sun-moon system)
ánd “the dome (‘the moon’) surrounding the cornerstone of speech”     —
we’ll try phrase everything as best we can ;

finally :
in a prophets chapter is a line “he tries to escape but the matrix won’t let him” ,
and we interpreted that context as “the eden hand (‘Damascus’) trying to escape” , 
yet the subject may have been very well ‘the eden stone (-trying to escape)” 
(since spells suggest that the stone is nót in Damascus – but at théir ‘hand’) ; 
this line is followed by
“and the two houses Ishral and Judah (=144,000) keep being oppressed”   —
is this where we are now ?
and (having found-) the eden stone is ‘the key’ .. ?
so that God will speak again ..?
is this why His weird ‘silence’ the past month ..?



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