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3 july           [4 july : added : comprehensible overvieuw]
posted : cross-reading : why ‘Moab’ is ‘inner earth / giants’
… we had to stop Amos 5 to be sure it is indeed the giants ,
and had first to find ‘what’ Moab is about – and it is TRUE !
this is rather huge because this victory (last one was Daniel 11)
opens up MUCH context which we missed before
– that said ,
second half of this log will be weird again – sorry – but posted
for Legal reasons because an important question (to us) is
“if this ‘Moab’ is the name of ‘the entity – the king – of the east’ 
(you know that ‘by disclosing his name the entity has lost’)    —
… last night on bed , thinking about the (pretty) female Originals
suddenly came the line “to not have another deity before me” ,
which was so bizarre (also because néver lines come anymore)
that it MUST have been an entity — and one who hátes them …
next , 
between waking and sleeping a chapter about a rape-murder
which I was sure was corrupt – but wasn’t able to undo that text ;
followed by a dream in which — after junk from Japan had come
to our side of the border — during a mild storm the first floor of the
house collapsed : showing the front of a car that had been buried 
IN the now half collapsed concrete floor – a car named ‘christine’ ;
it cranked up from itsélf a few seconds , headlights on , this was
scary and woke me , and had some poor night

it was a red Plymouth Fury 1958 and after searching there WAS
indeed a 1983 horrormovie about a selfaware car ‘christine’  – 
so how to tie it all together ?
as “something of the 50’s will show up again now” ? , something
fróm ‘the east’ pósing as ‘christian’ but powered by ‘fury’ ? having
caused “that péople ‘got raped’ for to understand scripture” ?
but what about the car’s nature ? didn’t “modernism” start when
the Nazi’s made contact with eastern spiritism ? leading up to 
Vatican II in 1958 (sic) ? or – less likely – Eisenhower’s treaty with
extraterrestials in 1954 ? was the ‘It’ hating our Originals ‘just’ Moab ?
… – either way ,
something seems to be coming up ;
this morning Anna – the brave thing is always in pain as you know –
dreamed ‘that Esau was preparing an event : but we’d be gone”  —
in local news : below shows what’s going on these days yet 
tomorrow will start the national blockage , joined by the transport
sector and even farmers from Germany ; society is falling apart
rapidly and all because of Esau of pushing through his WEF agenda :
it’s sweet to see Jacob fight but it’s a lost war and you & we know .. 

Dutch farmers are rising up because the Netherlands govt just passed a new green law attacking cattle farms
– @JackPosobiec ?? July 3, 2022



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