3 juni
posted : first half of 1 John 2

couldn’t stop crying yesterday about the rag tag army we are
today , not just like having been run over by a train
but even as if having murdered someone .. or being accused of it

continued Ritual : huge blaze breaks out in Iranian refinery
date :                        today
name :                      the Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemicals
translated :          -shahid means “witness” ,
      the -tondgooya is tricky to find but must be sensible :
      either from -tand , from Persian tanûr “oven” (it burns , right) ;
      but probably from Sanskrit -tanti , in Rg-Veda as “a cord, string,
      yet especially one to which a series of calves were fastened” ;
      … and that makes sense because Sanskrit root -go is “cattle”
      (or any product of cattle)  – but always with the colour of eden ;
the witnesses [=144] as the string of (eden-) cattle are burned” 



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