3 march
… retracted yesterday’s page — because it will need a partial rewrite
(not every shot is always immediately a hit , right … ) ;
though indeed – also – Aristaeus’ letter must be read with much suspicion
and though indeed it contains clues we need , his “72 translators” hoax must have
a much more simple origin : we now saw that the Alexandrian Jews [read : Esau] 
had a council of “71 elders” where the Talmud Sukkah boasts about that council
as each of them having  a golden chair inlaid with gems and pearls , as each chair
costing twenty-five million of golden denarii
— it is much more probable that this Esau council were the purported ‘translators’  
and the type boasting of Aristaeus about expensive objects shows he belonged to them


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