3 may                                                                      [please read using discernment]
something may be up — from today :
[quote] “Orban (=Hungarian PM) , when I (=Pope) met him , 
told me that the Russians have a plan, that on May 9th it will all be over” [1] ;
the theme was Ukraine and the date of the conversation 21 april (sic) ; 
nót “the war will be over” – since that isn’t Esau’s intent – so whát “will be over”…?
– a few hours later broke ‘that Putin will likely declare war on May 9th’ ,
after this weekend the Russian TV hinted at “a nuclear strike against Europe” [2]
(which looks like ‘conditioning’ to us – and see vid inside) ;
coupled with again that same strange talk of Putin before this weekend
about “it has been decided” and using a term “strike with lightning-speed” ;
… the thing is ,
though we don’t expect anything nuclear (but who knows…) an EMP is an option
(hence the ‘lightning’?) or perhaps even “the alien option” where the 9th of May
as Russian ‘Victory Day’ could represent a version of ‘Independence Day’ :
whatever event , it is obviously planned beforehand for quite some time 
– now ,
this is not fearmongering but the thought refuses to leave : what did Herod do 
when he found out that a male son was born … ? ; Could Esau be that desperate
and try remove as many of the 144 as he possibly could ? Because we know , right ,
that this seems an endless – like “fluctuating” – birthprocess to have all the candidates
together , but was he told by that realm to act now ? And the doodle of the
broken down car – posted on his occult April 30th – was not about him but the 144 ?
… please ,
it’s a very unusual log and nothing may happen but we can’t shake it off ,
and it wouldn’t hurt if you’d collect some food and water – at least for a few days
(surprise : even the German minister of Interior Faeser adviced the same this sunday …) ;

that said …. Sir we are beyond tired … it’s neverending this waiting … dirty and smeared 
inside and outside , you’d need to clean us out , forgive us so much .. please please act ,
… we are trying to stand again , knowing it’ll be possible for only a few days , it’s hopeless …
– if anything is upcoming , you protect all of us … all that matters is that the 144 get out …
you tell to each of us what to do if it’s necessary … – we miss you
(original intervieuw)

‘within 10 days’ ; to make the above chronical (?)



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